Kids Swimming Lessons

Sunsational Swim School is a leading provider of swimming lessons for kids and has thousands of swim instructors in cities throughout the United States. We offer a unique service to most other swim schools in that we offer kids swim lessons in your own home or community pool. We want your child's swimming lessons to be as convenient as possible for you, while at the same time providing a tailored private service. The aim of our company is to offer swimming lessons for kids that get results fast. Our lessons move at the pace that our students are comfortable with, but our talented instructors have years of experience in developing your child's abilities over a short period of time. Without the noise and distractions of group lessons, and with competitvely priced child swimming lessons, Sunsational Swim School is the easy choice.
Children receive a certificate upon completion of the lesson package and a skill chart to track the swimming skilsl that they have learned...

Here's what some parents have said about their kids Swimming Lessons with Sunsational...

     My girls (6 & 7) were scared of water since they were babies, even the shower water accidentally splashed into their eyes and could make them cry for a while. They incredibly overcame with their fears in the FIRST lesson! It was just amazing to me!!! Today was the last lesson they had with Ms. Linda. My older daughter is already able to swim like a mermaid across the shallow side of the pool to the 7ft. deep side.
Teresa R. Danville, CA
     My 6 year old was really terrifed to swim despite my many attempts to teach him and put him in lessons since he was 2 years old. In only 6 swim lessons my son has gone from absolutely refusing to swim without a flotation device to swimming completely on his own, getting down to the bottom of the pool to pick up diving rings and is loving it! He will stay in the water for hours at a time now. His confidence and self esteem are through the roof and we are all so proud him!
Allison S. Scottsdale, AZ
     Our daughter's instructor Alexis was great! My 9 year old still hadn't learned to swim and was afraid of getting her head wet but by the end of our 12 lessons she was jumping in the deep end of the pool and swimming!
Andrea Kelly Monrovia, CA
     Jennifer W. was the swim instructor for Natalie, an eight-year-old. In 12 lessons, Jennifer was able to teach Natalie breastroke, freestyle, backstroke and most of the butterfly, Natalie knew none of those strokes at beginning of summer. Natalie's self-esteem seems to have skyrocketed because of the confidence she gained!
Diane S. Buena Park, CA

Why are Swimming Lessons For Kids So Important?

Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in the U.S among children under 14
9 out of 10 drowning deaths occur while a caregiver is present.
75% of children are missing from sight for only five minutes or less

Benefits of Swim Lessons for Kids


A study in 2009 discovered that when children have formal swimming lessons they have a much lower risk of accidental drowning. Learning to swim is such an important life skill, and for your own child's safety kids swim lessons are a must.


Not all sports are suited for all ages, but swimming definitely is. Kids swim lessons can be undertaken at any age, and swimming is a skill that is best developed early.


Obesity is a rising problem in America, and swimming lessons for children might just be the answer. Swimming is a great workout, and learning to swim means your child can take advantage of that.


Believe us, child swim lessons are not just about water safety. Although that's a big part of the experience, learning to swim is also really fun, and it's something that kids will enjoy for the rest of their lives.


This might surprise parents but studies have shown children who undertake swim lessons at an early age have more of the neccessary learning skills that kids need in school. This means they might do better!


Swimming isn't just a fun activity and an important life skill, it's also a fantastic form of excercise. Non-weight bearing and able to work out every single muscle group, having swimming lessons will keep them fit until they're grown!

Swimming Lessons can Save Lives! Give Children the Gift of Swimming Which Lasts a Lifetime!

Why Sunsational Swim School


Every single one of the students learns to swim in an enjoyable environment, but safety is our priority. We make sure that our kids know how to be safe in the water by providing them with all the basic skills they need.


At Sunsational Swim School our kids swim lessons follow a progressive method that makes learning fun, not stressful or fear-inducing. With private lessons our instructors go at your child's speed, progressing them only when they're ready.


We're so confident in our methods that we offer a Learn to Swim Guarantee in all of our private swimming lessons for children. If your child can't swim back to the pool wall after 12 lessons, you'll get up to four more lessons for free.


Parents are busy, and often struggle to fit their child's swim lessons into their schedule. That's why our instructors come to you, holding lessons at a time, and pool, that's convenient for you.


Our swim instructors are highly experienced and have a minimum two years teaching, CPR and First Aid Certified, and many are also Red Cross lifeguard or Water Safety Instructor certified.


The Sunsational Swim School know how to make kids swim lessons fun for everyone, and we bring in lots of games and activities into the learning process. Students will also get a Sunsational skill chart and certificates as they go along!

What makes our Swim instructor Sunsational

  • Thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Years of Experience
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Fully Insured
  • Sunsational Certified
  • Patient, caring and love kids!

Sunsational Clients Love Our Swimming Lessons

Rated 4.9/5 Stars From Over 900+ Reviews
My kids 7&5 adores Ms. Emily Forrest. She made learning swimming so much fun. My kids' progress has exceeded my expectation. Looking forward to more sessions and more improvements with Ms. Emily Forrest. Thanks Sunsational Swim School to match us with such a great coach with convenience at our backyard!
Cole has been nothing short of amazing over the last 2 months. He is by far the best children's swim instructor we've seen - he keeps a fastpace, which keeps the kids interested and attentive. He's supportive, encouraging and has made outstanding progress with both of our kids. He took our 5 year old from being afraid to put her head under water in the first lesson to swimming free-style w/ side breath the length of the pool. And, he took our 2 year old from being deathly afraid of the pool to safely getting in and out the side of the pool on his own, 'monkey' scaling the side of the pool & blowing bubbles. We are most grateful for having had the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable and kind instructor!
We could not have been more pleased with the exceptional service and instruction we received from my 5-year-old son's Baltimore-based swim instructor, Jaimisyn. A month ago my son was wearing swimmies and today he is jumping in the deep end, diving for toys, holding his breath for more than 30 seconds, and best of all... is confident in his new ability to swim! We are thrilled for him and are indebted to his incredible instructor.
Our swim instructor Brooke is awesome. She is prompt, professional and great with both my 3 year old and 20 year old. Definitely recommend Sunsational and particularly Brooke!
Kelly is excellent and knows how to communicate effectively with toddlers. As a mom of her own she has lots of experience with children as well as excellent swim teaching abilities. We are so happy to have been matched with Kelly!
Amanda was a wonderful teacher! My kids looked forward to her lessons- and they NEVER want to take lessons! She was kind, patient, and fun. My kids improved their swimming skills and gained more confidence.

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